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Big Data for Public Health Policy

Primary health care, Metabolic syndrome, Maternal, infant, and child health, Epidemiology, Family planning, Environmental health, Occupation and safety health, Mental health, and more.

Bioinformatics and Data Mining

Biostatistics, Computational evolutionary biology, Computational genomics and proteomics, Graph models, Image analysis, Machine learning, Pattern recognition, and more.

Biomedical Sciences and Engineering

Ageing, Cell and molecular biosciences, Cellular medicine, Clinical biochemistry, Biomaterials, Biomechanics (skeletal system), Cell tissue genetic engineering, e-Health, and more.

Biomolecular and Biotechnology

Advances in biotechnology, Animal biotechnology, Bioethics and biotechnology, Biomass and bioenergy, Bioprocess and fermentation technology, Biotechnology and intellectual property rights, and more.

Drug Development and Nutraceutical

Authentication analysis, Cosmeceutical, Drug analysis, Drug delivery system, Drug formulation, Herbal medicine, Medicinal chemistry, Nutraceuticals, Pharmacology, and more.